• 05 Feb 2024
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      xBit 3.10 Release Notes

      🚀 New features

      Customize Evidence Names

      Screenshot from 2023-08-29 11-35-54.png

      Admins can now customize how evidence names are displayed throughout xBit such as in the View Evidence page and the Evidence Manager. This is not to be confused with the name of the evidence type (Mobile Phone vs Cell Phone). This is used to generate the label used to identify the device throughout xBit.

      Screenshot from 2023-08-29 11-50-46.png

      Previously, the evidence name was generated from the first two fields in the Form Builder (typically make and model). However, this caused confusion when you had devices of the same make and model in a case. This newest change gives you the freedom to add as many fields as you would like when generating the evidence name to distinguish a device from other devices. You can use the evidence item number, a serial number, or any other field in xBit.

      Screenshot from 2023-08-29 11-54-14.png

      To edit the template, go to the form builder of an evidence type and click the pencil edit icon to the right of the name. This will open up the edit sidebar:

      Screenshot from 2023-08-28 15-56-46.png

      Screenshot from 2023-08-28 15-58-16.png

      Here you will be able to add or remove fields that generate the evidence name. A preview will be generated that gives sample values based on your selected fields.

      A master naming template can be found within the Evidence Intake form builder. It behaves exactly the same as when you are editing an evidence type template. You can set whether an evidence type uses the master template or it's own template in the template editing sidebar.


      The advantage to using a master template is you can make a change in one spot and it changes the template for all evidence types that have their naming strategy set to Master Template.

      Peer / Admin Review Widget and Search

      We have added Peer / Admin Reviewed as a widget in the Case Manager that can be added through the Table View Builder. You can easily see whether or not your cases have been approved or need further review as you go through the case manager. As an extension of this capability, you are also able to search for all items that have been reviewed or haven't been reviewed.

      Set the Beginning of the Fiscal Year

      You can now set the beginning of the fiscal year to the 1st day of any month of the year. This setting can be found in About / Settings.

      Screenshot from 2023-08-30 11-16-02.png

      This impacts the results you get when querying for data in Stats Explorer, Case Stats, and Evidence Stats so that results by year start from that date.

      This setting also impacts automatic naming of evidence. Given the following:

      TEMPLATE : XPD-[Y]-[M]-[D]-[#]


      Then the Auto CID would render as:

      Normal Auto CIDFiscal Auto CID
      Oct 1, 2023XBITPD-2023-10-01XBITPD-2024-01-01
      Nov 1, 2023XBITPD-2023-11-01XBITPD-2024-02-01
      Dec 1, 2023XBITPD-2023-12-01XBITPD-2024-03-01
      Jan 1, 2024XBITPD-2024-01-01XBITPD-2024-04-01

      Sort Case Dash Evidence Cards

      You can now choose whether you want to sort evidence on the Case Dashboard page by its status or alphabetically.

      Screenshot from 2023-08-30 13-49-14.png

      See the following image for status meaning:

      Screenshot from 2023-08-30 13-57-32.png

      📝 Notes

      • Admins are now always able to view cases.
      • The secondary menu for evidence types found in the form builder that allowed for renaming and disabling evidence types has been removed. Evidence types can be renamed on top of their respective form builder page and can be disabled on top right portion of the their respective form builder page.
      • You are now able to upload fillable PDFs to xBit.
      • An email is sent to all admins and examiners when a Lab Submission Request is submitted.
      • Serial number can now be added to evidence intake forms or evidence type forms.
      • New fields can be added to forms even if they exist in other contexts/forms.
      • Added 50 character limits to Forensic Software names fields.
      • Added message that SMTP needs to be enabled first before enabling 2-Factor Authorization.
      • Global searches now ignores blank spaces.
      • Thumbnails for images are now shown on the case images page and case listings instead of the full image.

      🐛 Bug Fixes

      • Corrected issue where 2FA code form would appear in the Lab Submission Request Access Form.
      • Corrected issue where saving a user profile was not working when phone was not filled out.
      • Corrected issue where 2FA was not working when Gmail SMTP was set.
      • Corrected issue where styling tags were displayed for the "Not Designated" result of Stats Explorer.
      • Corrected issue where the number of cases pending review indicated in the notification in the menu did not match the actual number of cases pending review.
      • Corrected issue where Forensic Software dates were not being displayed.
      • Corrected issue where certain combinations of Dimension and Metric choices for the Stats Explorer were not loading certain stats.
      • Corrected issue where evidence would not load in the case manager.
      • Corrected issue where adding a logo to an existing agency failed.
      • Corrected issue where saving empty SMTP settings failed.
      • Corrected issue where searching for a Case ID wouldn't give results if only part of the Case ID was the search term.
      • Corrected issue where non-admins were able to open up the editing window of an asset.
      • Corrected issue where user was not able to remove tool tip from xBit system field after renaming the field.
      • Corrected issue to allow decimal value in hours for memos on first entry.
      • Corrected issue in Form Builder where the Required field was missing from the Edit Field sidebar.
      • Corrected issue enabling a disabled form.
      • Corrected issue where the Lab Submission Request form does not warn user when a required Gender field is missing.
      • Corrected issue in form builder when adding a new field where single choice options were not saving.
      • Corrected issue where very long status notes were not being displayed entirely in the status history.
      • Corrected issue where Forensic Tools were still being displayed in reports after being removed.
      • Corrected issue where images wouldn't print when Print Empty Pages was set to No.
      • Agency Item Number was added to Bulk Chain of Custody evidence list.

      🌈 UI Changes

      • Evidence cards on case dashboard were made bigger to accomodate evidence names that are three lines longs.
      • Date dropdowns are prevented from scrolling with the page in Lab Submission Manager.
      • Status note tooltips had their spacing fixed.
      • Browsing between evidence items on the View Evidence page will keep you on the same tab within the left sidebar.
      • Saving Assigned To / Imaged By / Triaged By on the View Evidence page will keep you on the same tab within the left sidebar.
      • Removed Secondary Menu for Evidence Types found in the form builder that allowed for renaming and disabling evidence types. Evidence types can be renamed on top of their respective form builder page and can be disabled on the top right portion of the their respective form builder page.
      • If a default evidence type had been renamed, the form builder will note the previous evidence type name on the bottom left corner.
      • Report forensic tool notes retain spacing.
      • Corrected issue where the saved notification gets triggered by an attempt to move a field and not changing anything and the notification does not finish loading.
      • Corrected issue where evidence names in the USSS Stats tab of the Case Dashboard were not wrapping to the next line in the table cell when it ran out of space.

      What's Next