• 13 Mar 2024
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      xBit 3.11.0 Release Notes

      🚀 New Feature: Evidence Reviews

      The xBit team has introduced a robust system of reviewing individual pieces of evidence.

      This multi-tiered system allows the user to have complete control over their review process. It is easy to see what the status of the requested reviews of all evidence items are. It is interactive with ability to comment on a review, receive feedback, and get notifications when progress has been made.

      This system enables your organization to fulfill any review requirements you may have.

      Admins can enable evidence level reviews in About / Settings in the Evidence Reviews tab. They are not enabled by default.


      There are 2 levels of reviews:
      Level 1 - lets all active users of xBit review evidence.
      Level 2 - lets only admins review evidence.

      You can name them however you like according to your agency's nomenclature. For example you can call level 1 reviews "Technical Reviews" or level 2 reviews "Supervisor Reviews". By default, the names are Level 1 and Level 2.

      You can select who the Default Reviewers for a case are. Any new evidence items will have these users selected as a Requested Reviewer and will request a review from them when the evidence item is Ready for Review.

      You can customize the evidence review forms just like any other form using the Form Builder. You can add any field you require as part of the review process, including requesting a signature.

      Screenshot from 2024-03-13 16-09-38.png

      On the View Evidence page, on the right, you will see a new section to start the review process, request reviews, add a new review.


      Assign reviewers, declare when a piece evidence is ready for review, approve, comment, or request changes, and send notifications.


      You have the option to Approve, Comment, or Request Changes during a review. These dropdown options are customizable in the Form Builder.


      You are able to request changes

      Screenshot from 2024-03-13 16-11-01.png

      On the Review Timeline you are able to see previous reviews and comments.

      Screenshot from 2024-03-13 16-14-23.png

      You can comment on a previous users' review.

      Screenshot from 2024-03-13 16-14-35.png

      All this so you can have a transparency in how you manage your evidence.

      Screenshot from 2024-03-13 16-18-09.png

      You are able to see at a glance the status of the reviews you requested of your examiners.


      We have also provided a new evidence view titled "Review Manager" that gives you other ways to see how reviews are going.


      The xBit team added tons of widgets that you are free to use however you like. These widgets allow you to:

      • Mark an item as Ready to Start Review.
      • Note that you have Started a Review.
      • See the status of requested reviews.
      • Request reviewers.
      • Perform a Level 1 or Level 2 review. Reviews where you are requested are colored in green.
      • View the Review Timeline

      Screenshot from 2024-03-13 16-03-22.png

      We added multiple bulk actions to make performing repetitive tasks easier including:

      • marking Ready for Review
      • beginning your review
      • request Level 1 Reviewers
      • request Level 2 Reviewers
      • performing a Level 1 review
      • performing a Level 2 review

      Other Features

      TinyMCE Upgrade

      xBit uses the TinyMCE text editor used commonly throughout xBit for details on memos, expenses, forensic tools, custom textarea fields and more. We have upgraded the tool to give you complete functionality.

      Screenshot from 2024-02-09 15-40-04.png

      We packed it with LOADS of features for you to have freedom in what you enter into xBit including:

      • Advanced Code Editor
      • Word Processor Features
      • Merge Tags for personalized / dynamic content
      • Advanced Tables
      • Enhanced Media Embed
      • Enhanced Image Editing
      • Spell checker

      Case Report Bundle

      You now have the option to bundle your report, files, and images into a single zip file download. This is as opposed to embedding images and files into a pdf and linking those files back to your xBit instance. This will allow you to send your Case Report and all relevant images and files associated with it to users outside of xBit.

      Lab Submission Receipt

      Screenshot from 2024-02-09 16-19-35.png

      You can now customize and print a lab submission receipt on any submitted external request via the Request Manager. This will be a pdf of all the data that you submitted on your case and evidence items. In addition, emails are sent to all admins when a lab submission request is sent.

      Customize the Lab Submission Receipt

      Go to Admin > Report Builder to change the information in the receipt. State tuned for a new Report Builder enhancement coming in the next release.

      Archived Fields

      Fields that are no longer in use or relevant within xBit and may be marked as Archived within the form builder. Turn the Archived toggle on, and you will no longer see this field in the Form Builder or in the Field Library.

      Screenshot from 2024-02-09 15-29-28.png

      Archived fields are not initially visible in the form builder, only after you toggle to view archived fields they will appear.

      These fields will not be shown for new case/evidence/request submission.

      Archived fields are not truly deleted forever. If you wish to bring one back into your Field Library, simply toggle the "Show Archived Fields" toggle at the top of the Form Builder.

      📝 Notes

      • The Reviewer role has been renamed to Viewer
      • You can now copy and paste images into memo details and expense details
      • Memo Signature is now optional
      • Thumbnails now are more efficiently using smaller images
      • You can now disable dropdown options in the Form Builder. These fields will still display if they are already being used, but you can no longer use them for new selections.
      • Unsaved Changes Alert implemented into Form Builder Edit

      🐛 Bug Fixes

      • Active Directory - You are now able to disable Active Directory.
      • Active Directory - You are now able to disable an Active Directory user.
      • Active directory - fixed issue where mapping group to another role caused an issue with logging in.
      • Agency Manager - Fixed issue where saving without making changes would remove the default status.
      • Case Status - Fixed displaying 'Needs Further Review' instead of accepted for Evidence Review statuses.
      • Case Expense - Fixed issue with expense without associated evidence caused the case dashboard to crash.
      • Chain of Custody - Fixed issue with needing to refresh the page to see new chain of custody entry .
      • Evidence Manager - Don't allow users to create new evidence when they don't have cases or they don't have access to cases.
      • Evidence Manager - fixed issue where users who didn't have access to a case could be assigned in bulk actions.
      • Form Builder - fixed issue when saving a field that wasn't previously added to a context.
      • Form Builder - fixed issue where original name was being displayed instead of renamed name in the field library search.
      • Form Builder - fixed issue that show disabled Attribute name input when user cannot rename. This caused the Note field to be uneditable.
      • Form Builder - fixed issue where you couldn't open the edit menu from the custom dropdown preview, you had to click the edit pencil on the right side to open in edition.
      • Form Builder - Fixed issue needing to reload page when adding new evidence type form.
      • Form Builder - Fixed Issue Adding new field to new evidence type form.
      • Form Builder - Fixed issue with missing error message saying you could not delete field options that are in use.
      • Lab Submission - Fixed issues with users with non-alphabetical characters in their name.
      • Lab Submission - Fixed issue where previously generated barcode wasn't clearing when creating new evidence.
      • Lab Submission Non-SMPT - Fixed issue with xbit running on port 80.
      • Lab Submission - Fixed issue with naming convention for evidence.
      • Lab Submission - Non-SMPT - Fix issue with dates with improper format.
      • Lab Submission - External Users can now logout.
      • New Evidence - Fixed issue where Chain of Custody was required when the Require Chain of Custody setting was disabled.
      • ReCaptcha - Fixed issue where ReCaptcha could not be disabled and secret was not cleared after disabling.
      • Report - Fixed issue with case memos not being displayed.
      • Report - Made PDF and Word report structure consistent.
      • Report - Fixed issue where report wouldn't generate with memo unselected.
      • Report - Fixed issue with long text fields not being displayed in reports.
      • Report - Fixed issue with missing expense quantity, cost, and consumable fields.
      • Report - Fixed issue with Word Report missing priority value.
      • Report - Fixed issue with barcodes being displayed.
      • Search - Fixed issue with search after removing fields.
      • Search - Aborts global search query and display after global search modal is open and global search input is not focused.
      • Search - Fixed issue with the links to expenses.
      • Uploads - Fixed issue with viewing PDFs in Case Dashboard uploads tab.
      • Uploads - Fixed issue where evidence selection dropdown was disabled when case was disabled.
      • Uploads - File names of are no longer altered .
      • Uploads - Fix issue where user cant download encrypted files.
      • Users - Fixed issue changing your user role from admin to examiner and add confirmation dialogue.

      🌈 UI Changes

      • Agency logo now consistently displays in place of the xBit logo in the main menu if set.
      • Case Dashboard - Evidence Sort Method is now persistent for each case.
      • Case Dashboard - Evidence Hover Style Change.
      • Case Dashboard - Fixed issue where deadline date and reason couldn not be cleared
      • Case Expense - Fix display issue when long string of characters is entered in details.
      • Case Status - Fixed issue where status order was off for Evidence Reviews.
      • Case Status - Fixed issue of some formatting not being preserved.
      • Case Status - Fixed issue with Status history styling.
      • Evidence Pages - set tooltip explaining you can't assign a case to a user that doesn't have access to it
      • Form Builder - Fixed issue with missing Request Submission Icon.
      • Form Builder - Select field by clicking anywhere in the field to add.
      • Form Builder - Select field by hiting Enter when only 1 search result.
      • Form Builder - Fixed issue when dragging and dropping fields but not changing positions.
      • Form Builder - Consistent 'Continue Editing' Popups.
      • Form Builder - Original Label added next to Field Library Fields.
      • Form Builder - Added section headers to field library.
      • Lab Submission - Fixed scrolling issue with request form modals.
      • Lab Submission - Edit CID disabled after submission.
      • Main Menu - Add delay of 2 seconds just enough for the user to be able to get back on if mouse slips off the dropdown.
      • New Case - Fixed issue with permissions failing.
      • New Evidence - Now all fields will display red if required and the page is submitted.
      • New Evidence - Fixed loader appearing behind fields.
      • Search - Fixed displaying html markup in search results.
      • Signature - Fixed Alignment issues.
      • TinyMCE - Now can resize images.
      • Users - removed stray characters from user emails.

      What's Next