• 14 Mar 2024
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      Article Summary

      📝 xBit 3.6 Release Notes - Latest 🔥

      Fool-proof your US Secret Service Stats. We make it
      EASY to upload your results to US Secret Service's Forensic Partner Reporting (FPR) tool

      What you can expect with the latest release 😋:

      • New USSS tab on Case Dashboard
      • Automatic checks for required USSS fields on export
      • New USSS field grouping for new case

      🚀 New features

      🧩 USSS Stats - Streamline uploads to the USSS FPR website

      ⚠️ Please note that the new USSS Feature is only available to those who enable USSS stats in their settings. To enable, in the menu go to Admin > About / Settings and then in the General tab select Yes for the Enable USSS Fields setting.


      One way that xBit is able to assist with your reporting needs is the ability to have your reports uploaded to the FPR tool be accepted every single time.

      One of the biggest obstacles to uploading your report to the FPR tool is that if any required fields are missing, then the entire report will be rejected. We made it incredibly simple to make sure that new cases have all these fields.

      The way we do that is we alert the user to any fields that may be missing for that particular case when they go to download their report. If there are fields missing, the user is prompted to fill in the missing fields.

      Clicking Fix will bring you to the case page where there is a new tab for USSS Stats. Here you can fill in any missing data.


      xBit makes it easy to fill out all the required USSS fields when creating a new case. When you click on a new case, all the relevant USSS fields will be grouped together in the middle column for you to fill out. It is not required that you fill these out, but you will need to in order to upload your results.


      However, xBit makes it easy for you to fill out this information and will auto-fill information based on previous information entered. When you fill out a new case, you should have all USSS fields entered besides the Exam End Date.

      Additional New Features

      • Table View Builder can now filter by whether a field is empty
      • Support signature type fields
      • Performance upgrade on evidence pages
      • Case and evidence managers remember how many results you want on a page

      🐛 Bug fixes

      Lab Submission:

      • Corrected issue where LDAP is not getting the correct username when using just username format
      • Lab submission security updates
      • Corrected lab submission request email validation error on AD/LDAP user
      • Corrected issue where Lab Submission Manager was not showing correct evidence display name
      • Corrected issue were lab submission manager was displaying attachments associated with evidence in the respective case modal instead of the evidence modal


      • Corrected issue where barcode wasn’t being scanned
      • Corrected issue where multiple entities could have the same barcode.


      • Corrected issue setting the default agency
      • Corrected issue where case stats page would break when there were no cases
      • Added server-side validation to RECAPTCHA
      • Corrected issue where memo reports were not being generated.
      • Corrected issue where backslash characters were being output in reports with normally “escaped” characters
      • Corrected issue where the peer reviewed tag was displayed when it was denied.
      • Fixed issue where lists of fields for cases were being displayed in the evidence type dropdown of the Evidence Manager.
      • Fixed issue where case status and new chain of custody fails in AD installs
      • Corrected issue where setting a non-required decimal field to empty gives an error
      • Corrected issue where lab submission manager is giving wrong validation message
      • Corrected issue where whitespace was impacting global search results
      • Corrected issue where required priority field can be set to null
      • Corrected issue in chain of custody where device timezone overrides timezone set in xBit settings

      🌈 UI Changes

      • Saved notification updated
      • Disabled users listed in case manager noted as disabled and lightened
      • Deadline notification colors updated.
      • Form builder ‘Show Additional Fields’ button is now sortable
      • Corrected issue where From and To filter (datepicker) showing in Stats Explorer when it shouldn't

      What's Next