Video tutorials
      • 21 Feb 2023
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      Video tutorials

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      Article summary

      USSS Stats and FPR

      Upload your stats directly from xBit to the FPR

      Just one download from xBit and one upload to the FPR

      xBit auto-populates USSS fields for you

      Letting you stay focused on your case and xBit doing the leg work

      Got legacy USSS stats not in the FPR?

      See how easy it is to quickly get those stats completed and uploaded

      How to use the Form Builder

      Create and customize Case and Evidence data entry forms with fields relevant to you and your agency

      Read more about the Form Builder

      Table View Builder

      Create custom views of your data in the Case and Evidence Manager

      Read more about the Table View Builder

      The Lab Submission Manager

      Manage the flow of requests from the field

      Read more about the Request Submission Manager